About the company


The Elga Coal Complex (ECC) is a group of companies that extract, transport and sell high-quality coking coals. Within the Wood Mackenzie classification system (based on volatile matter, rank and strength), the Elga brands would be classified as semi-hard coking coals (in Russian coal classification: fat goal (Zh), gas fat (GZh) and gas fat lean (GZHO).

We produce premium quality coking coal with very low sulphur and phosphorus content. The Elga deposit can be compared to Australian coal assets such as Goonyella and Gregory.

Elgaugol Ltd
Operating company, holds the license for the right to use the subsoil at the Elga deposit
Elga-road Co. Ltd
Operator of the railway from Ulak to Elga. It is the largest private railway line in Russia with a length of 321 km
Elga-Trans LLC
Service company to maintain the railway line from Ulak to Elga and provide transportation of coal
ElgaLogistics LLC
A transport and logistics company that handles domestic, export-import and through shipments
Elga-Mining LLC
The company extracts and processes coal, transports goods using specialized vehicles and develops projects for industrial processes and production related to mining.
Elga-Service LLC
The company is engaged in designing and building processing plants with a capacity of 3.5 million tonnes per year each as part of a technological complex to process coal from the Elga deposit
Elga-Stroy LLC
The company is engaged in construction of transport and production infrastructure facilities. The enterprise is supplied with specialized equipment and construction machinery.
The company is engaged in the design of industrial facilities for the mining industry (coal mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, coke production, iron production), as well as infrastructure facilities, heat and power facilities, roads and railways, rotational camps, etc.
The Elga Coal Complex is managed by Management Company Elgacoal LLC – a team that has deep market expertise and experience in launching large-scale coal projects over a short period of time.
Sergeevich Isaev

The Elga coal deposit is Russia's largest coking coal asset with reserves exceeding 2.2 billion tonnes under JORC standards. In 2020 A-Property LLC completed the acquisition of a 51% stake in ECC. Afterwards, a development plan to 2023 was created:

Performance goals for 2025
million tonnes
of run-of-mine coking coal extraction per year
million tonnes
of refined coking coal per year
new jobs will be created
billion RUB
in investments to develop the deposit, railway and port infrastructure

В 2021 году объем добычи сибирских активов ЭЛСИ составил 22,6 млн тонн высококачественного антрацита Ultra High Grade и других металлургических углей. На предприятиях реализуется масштабная программа развития по увеличению объемов добычи и повышению эффективности производства.

Основные направления инвестиций — создание новой инфраструктуры, переход на использование высокопроизводительного горнотранспортного оборудования большой единичной мощности и автоматизация производственных процессов.

million tonnes
добыча угля и антрацита в 2021 г.
billion RUB
выручка по МСФО в 2020 г.
billion RUB
инвестпрограмма в 2020 г.
billion RUB
выплачено налогов
Elga-Ulak railway development plan
carrying capacity, million tonnes per year
Production plan to 2035
million tonnes per yearextractionshipping