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The South Yakutsk Integrated Expedition explored for coal in the central part of the region.
As a result, a 22-m thick coal seam was discovered on the watershed of the Undytkan, Ukikit and Elga rivers, within an isolated block of the Cretaceous deposit, as well as a coal seam with a thickness of more than 3.5 m to the south in the main area of Cretaceous deposits.
Further research was carried out in in the north-western section of the Elga deposit.
In 1966, an order was issued by the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR on the creation of the Yakutugol trust in Yakutia ‘Yakutugol’.
The South Yakutsk Integrated Expedition assessed resources and coal reserves.
Estimated resources of coal seams with a thickness of more than 0.7 m were approximately 20 billion tonnes. In addition, the resources of coal seams of the Elginskaya area with a thickness of 2.0 m and higher were estimated at 2.6 billion tonnes.
The South Yakutsk Integrated Expedition continued exploration and discovered a large number of thick coal seams.
Additional studies,
including well drilling and mining, were conducted to establish the development of coal seams in the Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic deposits. This work aimed to study the Elga deposit, which was divided into northwestern and southeastern sections.
Research and assessment work was carried out in the north-western part of the deposit
leading to the development of a feasibility study of conditions by the Sibgiproshakht Institute in 1989.
Construction of the Elga-Ulak railway line by the Ministry of Railways.
SUE Yakutugol became an open joint stock company with 100% state ownership.
Consolidation of 100% of shares of the Yakutugol Holding Company by Mechel Group Acquisition of a license to develop the Elga deposit
Start of open-pit mining at the Elga deposit
Launch of the preparation plant
Acquisition by A-Property LLC of a 51% stake in the Elga Coal Complex and the start of a new phase of project development