Sustainable development

Environment protection

Environmental safety is a top priority at the Elga Coal Complex and its affiliated railway infrastructure.

Key environmental commitments are:

• compliance with environmental legislation

• applying the best technologies available

• compliance with established standards of accepted environmental impact

• continuous environmental control and monitoring

• taking measures to compensate for negative environmental impact

• making payments for negative impact

The applied measures allow the company's environmental impact to be minimised. The project's development requires a series of surveys, environmental impact assessments, and state environmental review to be conducted.

ECC's approach

Elgacoal Ltd is implementing a comprehensive environmental protection programme on the territory of the Elga Coal Complex that involves regular long-term environmental monitoring. The programme also includes an assessment and forecast of changes in the vicinity of the site.

Environmental monitoring results have shown minimal environmental impact and satisfactory environmental conditions in the vicinity of the site.

An internal audit was conducted in 2020 to verify Elgacoal Ltd.'s compliance with environmental protection legislation. An environmental risk assessment was also performed.

Following the environmental audit, environmental measures were undertaken, including:

• development of a system to collect and treat surface wastewater

• reconstruction of the sewage network and treatment facilities at the rotational camp

• removal of accumulated waste

• reforestation